Q30 Super Protective Film

Q30 film

Q30 is a new innovative product.

It is a superior protective film used for sealing and protecting electrical connections, hydraulic fittings and exposed surfaces from rust and corrosion which takes place in moist and harsh environments.

It is fast becoming a must have essential in the marine, electrical and industrial sectors. The more you think about it, the more ways you will think to use it.

Q30 protects brass hinges, handles and hardware that are prone to tarnishing primarily in coastal areas.

• Seals electrical circuit boards

• Prevention of rust – protects all steel surfaces from corrosion and prevents moisture from coming into contact with steel surfaces

• Prevents tarnishing of brass and metal surfaces – ideal for brass hinges

• Anti-corrosion – Prevents corrosion on battery terminals

• Peel-off film – Rubberised coating, protects steel or plastic surfaces from scratches. Can be peeled off to work on the component

• Up to 1000% elongation anti-crack – stretches and moves with the component

• 500 hour salt spray test certified

• Extremely high electrical tolerance (1000V)

• Seals electrical gate motor circuit boards from the elements

• Seals small leaks in skylights

• Protects electrical components and exposed connections

• Repels Moisture from brass hinges and hardware

• UV stability 12-24 months

Fully adjustable fan nozzle for horizontal or vertical spraying